Happy 1st Birthday, Victoria!

By ani - August 31, 2018

11 August 2018

I can't believe that it's already been 12 months since I held your tiny (well, not so tiny - almost 4kg :P) body for the first time. You're officially no longer a baby (although you will always be my baby)! You're now this little, smiley, playful and full of energy cheeky toddler.

It's amazing how much you've grown up and how far we've come in just a year. It wasn't easy, but hey who said it would be?! All those sleepless nights, tears, worries and troubles fade away the moment I see your face and that cute, charming, heart melting Goofy smile of yours.

Please forgive me the cliches, but I'm so proud of you and all the milestones we've reached together. We made it and I'm grateful for every single second I've spent with you. And I just can't wait to see what the future holds for us! I love you and always will!


Vicky's 12-month review

Below is just a brief memo of Vicky's first birthday milestones.

Step by step

At around 10 months, Vicky started crawling and she's been moving around very confidently ever since. A month ago, she also started pulling herself up to stand while holding on to furniture and I was expecting her to take her first steps soon afterwards, but she hasn't started walking yet. Although we're very excited about her walking, we are not rushing her. Instead, we are trying to enjoy and make the most of the crawling period, because we know that once she starts walking, she will be unstoppable.

Game on

Hide and seek is still one of her favourite games, but putting things in and out of bags, boxes, jars and all sort of similar objects is definitely her top entertainment at the moment. She could easily spend 30mins sorting out my makeup bag...so here I would advise any expecting and newbie parents to make sure they are not wasting their hard earned cash on buying lots of fancy and often very overpriced toys and gadgets.

First tantrum

She continues being very smiley, chatty and generally happy during most of the time, but she's also started expressing her strong temperament. We've already experienced her first temper tantrum :O Yes, I know - it seems to be happening very early as tantrums are more common to strike around the age of 2 (you've probably heard of 'the terrible 2s, right :)). Apparently, temper meltdowns can start as early as 12 months and usually happen as a result of refusal or simply when kids don't get what they want. Vicky's major outbursts occur when she wants something she can't have and when she is very tired and sleepy. 

The first time it happened I thought that it was just a one off reaction, but then it happened again so I looked for some tips on how to handle them. And the best approach that seems to be working for us is to ignore her and/or distract her attention.

Favourite bites

As I shared in my weaning post here, we had some issues with introducing solids. Although the introduction stage continued for almost 3 months, I'm happy to let you know that right now we have no eating problems (knocking on wood :)). Vicky has great appetite and eats almost everything I offer her. At 10 months, I completely stopped preparing baby food and started adapting our meals for her by cutting the salt. Lasagna, chicken soup, meatballs and pizza are among her favourites. She also loves all sort of breads and pastries.

Her typical daily menu would include 3 proper meals and some healthy in between snacks such as fruits and cookies. In terms of breastfeeding, we've reduced the feedings to 2 - one in the morning and one in the evening, before going to bed. I'm planning to continue breastfeeding for a few more months and will try to cut the morning feed in the next couple of weeks.

Sleeping habits

Although we've completely stopped the night feeds, Vicky continues waking up at night, usually when she is thirsty or teething. Nevertheless, she has improved her go to sleep habits - I no longer rock her and she can now fall asleep on her own. She still has two 1-hour daytime naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Say what

Victoria said mama for the first time when she was 10 months. It was her first proper word and you can imagine how proud and happy I was. Well, it turned out that she didn't actually mean mama, but am am am which means 'food' :O. So now she says am am am to indicate when she is hungry or thirsty. Her other favourite sounds are da da da and de de de, but we still haven't figured out their meaning.


Vicky's already mastered how to wave hello and goodbye and how to shake hands. She can also indicate where her belly and feet are. She claps and dances every time she hears music. And she can even speak over the phone :D, tidying up and trying to put her clothes on. Generally, she understands almost everything and wants to be very independent and do things on her own. 

This is one year gone in a flash. I'm full of so many mixed feelings and emotions; joy, love, anxiety, insecurity, stress...We had our moments and I keep questioning my ways and asking...am I a good enough mom? Well, I'm definitely not the perfect mom, but one thing I know; I do try my best and love my baby girl with all my heart, and this will be enough!

Has your little one turned one? Please share your first year experience as a mom in the comments below! I would love to hear your stories!

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