Flying with a baby for the first time

By ani - April 26, 2018

Last week, we got back from our first international trip with Victoria. We spent almost a month in Bulgaria, where my husband and I are originally from and most of our family still lives. Even though I was extremely worried about Victoria’s first travel experience, the trip went surprisingly smooth and we had some wonderful time with family and friends, and managed to visit lots of new places.

When Victoria was born, my husband and I decided to be a bit more conservative and avoid flying with her until she turns one. Nonetheless, my husband had to take some days off work around Easter so we ended up booking some last minute flights to Bulgaria.

We traveled on 26th March to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The flight took 3.5 hours without any delays. Victoria was pretty calm and stayed awake during most of the time. In the past, I have seen so many babies hysterically crying during flights takeoff and landing, and I have always wondered why. If you wonder too, apparently, babies react to the changes in air pressure and might experience ear pain. That is why, doctors usually recommend to nurse or feed your child at takeoff and landing, since sucking and swallowing help relieve painful ear pressure. This is exactly what I did and I can confirm Victoria had no issues with the changing pressure.

We arrived late at night in Sofia and we stayed there overnight. The next day we traveled to my husband’s home town, Pavlikeni, where we stayed for almost 2 weeks. During our stay there, we also did a few day trips to some interesting places in Central Bulgaria, including the amazing Krushuna Waterfalls, the town of humour and satire Gabrovo, the old capital Veliko Tarnovo, the river city Ruse and the beautiful Troyan Monastery. Vicky seemed to have no problems with riding in a car too and slept during most of the trips.

The last couple of weeks we visited my family in Pernik, Samokov and Sofia, and thus, we spent most of our holiday on the road.

Despite all the traveling, we still managed to meet and spend some quality time with our family and friends. And here we would like to thank all of them for the great experience.

Below is a brief recap of our first Bulgarian adventure with Victoria. At the end of the post, I will also share my top 5 tips for flying with a baby.

Top 5 tips for flying with a baby

1. Always bring a baby carrier. Especially, if you are traveling on your own, it’s good to have your hands free while passing through security, customs and baggage reclaim. I even used it onboard to put Victoria to sleep.
2. Nurse or feed your baby during takeoff and landing.
3. Bring some snacks and toys to keep your little one busy during the flight.
4. Arrive at the airport early (2 hours at least) to avoid any stress.
5. Pre-pack your liquids and baby food in an easily accessible way.

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