Teething troubles

By ani - February 11, 2018

One of the biggest nightmares for most parents is definitely teething. While some babies go through the whole process trouble-free, the majority experience all sort of discomfort before they have their full set of milk teeth, which usually happens around the age of 3. Extreme drooling, fussiness, no appetite and restless nights are only a few of the issues a baby might face.

Therefore, I have been praying for Vicky to have a painless or at least mild teething experience, but we had no luck. Everything started with excessive drooling and hand sucking when she was only about 12 weeks old. At that time, I wasn’t sure if she was actually teething as everyone kept telling me that she was too young, and babies usually start teething around 6 months. But a couple of weeks later she had her first painful episode which happened in the evening before going to bed. She was extremely distressed and crying inconsolably. I checked her gums and felt a top incisor cutting through the flesh. There was no further doubts – she was definitely teething. So apparently babies can start teething as early as 2 months and some babies are even born with teeth – how odd huh 😲!

That was the most difficult time I have had as a mom so far; it is so heartbreaking to see your little one suffering and not being able to help her. I remember calling my husband and asking him to buy all kind of teething remedies available in the local pharmacy. He bought Dentinox Baby Teething Gel and Nelsons Baby Teetha sachets, and the gel, which contains a local anaesthetic called lidocaine, seemed be the most effective.

A friend of mine has also recommended amber as a natural alternative remedy. Apparently, amber contains succinic acids, a naturally occurring substance in the human body, which has pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. I was very sceptical initially, but decided to give it a go and ordered a Baltic amber anklet bracelet. We then tried it a few times, but I did’t notice any significant change and effects, so unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Finally, we also received Sophie The Giraffe teething ring as a gift, which Vicky really seemed to like. The ring is made of 100% natural rubber and is very soft.

Vicky is now 6 months old and we are still waiting for those first incisors to fully grow. Her teething episodes come and go every now and then, and I am really hoping that they will become much easier in the future. Fingers crossed!

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