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By ani - April 09, 2017

I love cooking, but I love it even more when I am cooking for friends and family. A couple of weeks ago, we had some friends over for brunch and I decided to prepare a selection of homemade sweet and savoury specials, including American-style ricotta pancakes, chocolate chip muffins, feta and cheddar cheese puff pastries, scrambled eggs with avocado, bacon and sausages, and last but not least, probably one of the all-time favourites in my home country Bulgaria, Olivier aka ‘Russian’ salad. Russian salad is a very popular appetiser or starter dish in Bulgaria, especially during the winter season because it contains mayonnaise and it’s quite heavy.

Recently, my husband and I have become very cautious about our diet and particularly the quality of the food we eat. So about 5 months ago, we started buying everything organic or bio with the hope organic products are free or ‘almost’ free from pesticides and antibiotics.
Back then, the organic ranges in most UK retailers were still quite limited so we had to do some cross shopping and buy different things from different stores, for example, we would buy fruits, veggies, eggs and chicken from Asda, beef and pork from Waitrose and cheese and other essentials from Planet Organic. Not to mention the price of organic food is usually about 30% higher than the non-organic so we tried to be smart shopper and find the most affordable options to avoid breaking the bank.

Now, fortunately, all major retailers have started introducing or expanding their organic range – there must be some sort of healthy/organic diet trend in the UK at the moment – and the other day we were pleased to find out that even Lidl is hopping on the bandwagon, which would help us save some cash on the weekly groceries shopping.

But, let’s go back to my Sunday Brunch specials. I got the idea for ricotta pancakes from the popular Bulgarian fashion and lifestyle blogger and copied the ‘original’ Granger & Co Pancakes recipe from, available here. I also prepared some chocolate chip muffins garnished with fresh berries and maple syrup, and the classic Olivier aka Russian salad made of mayonnaise, pickled gherkins, boiled eggs and potatoes, steamed peas and carrots, roasted ham and a dash of lemon…just yummy

I can assure you one thing – our English friends really enjoyed the mix of international specials and the food didn’t last long.

What’s your favourite brunch special?

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