5 DIY ideas for a baby shower

By ani - February 04, 2018

In my home country there is no such thing as baby shower. Instead, we celebrate the appearance of a newborn on the 40th day of his birth. The celebration is called ‘Pogacha’ which means round loaf.

Even though I like to follow and preserve our own culture and traditions, I decided to break the rules this time and throw a baby party / shower before the delivery. We were going to have some relatives over and I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel after giving birth, so it seemed like a better idea. Bearing in mind our ever-growing newborn shopping list, I decided to be pragmatic and organise the party myself. With a bit of creativity, I still managed to pull off a fancy party for my closest friends even on a tight budget, and we had a lovely time.

So here are my top 5 DIY tips for planning a baby shower on a budget.

1. Throw a house party

Do you have a spacious flat or house with a garden? If so, you can organise an exclusive intimate party at your place instead of booking your favourite restaurant or cafe.

2. Be creative and prep some DIY decorations

Even if you are not very creative and good at DIY, you can still generate some clever and easy to replicate ideas from the internet and platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. First, browse some ideas and decide on a theme. I, for example, picked a neutral baby theme in pink and mint.

Then, make a list of decor items to include, e.g wall decorations, garlands, flowers, balloons, etc. And finally, find some ready to use templates and instructions on how to create the decorations.

As part of my baby shower decorations, I prepared some cute baby wall stickers in pink and mint to go with the theme. And I also got some balloons and funny photo props.

3. Get ready to bake and roll

You can also save a big chunk of your budget, if you opt for home made nibbles and drinks instead of ordering food from a restaurant or caterer. Not a good cook?! Don’t worry, you can still ask your friends and / or family to bring some food on the day.

For my party, I prepared an assortment of savoury canapés, traditional Bulgarian pastry called ‘banica’, cupcakes and cake pops, along with some fresh fruits and french macarons.

On the day, ask some of your best friends to come early and help you with the food prep and decorations to save time and energy for the party.

5. Ask a friend to capture the moment

Event photography is another major cost that you can easily save by simply asking a friend to take some shots on the day. If you don’t have a good camera, you can also borrow one; I am sure we all have that one friend who is into photography and will be more than happy to help.

Here is the place to thank my dear friend Vassy for capturing the moment and shooting a beautiful prego session of my husband and I at the party.

For more tips, please do not hesitate to get in touch. And if you have already had a baby shower, feel free to share your ideas and recommendations in the comments below.

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